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The Question I Get Ask The Most Is "How Did I Get Off Into Upholstery " Well When I Got My First Car (1990 Mazda 626) I Started Fixing It Up.. I Mean Rim's, Tint, Stereo System. I Change The Color Of My Paint Like 3 Times..I Could Tell I Was Getting Bored With My Car.. So I Thought Hmmm, I Should Attempt To Change My Interior.. Lol I Got A Can Of White Spray Paint And Went Crazy On My Nsydez.. I Went To Auto Zone And Got Some Cow Print Seat Covers ..Hahaha I Thought I Was Cool. Everybody Like It From A Distant.. That Inspired Me To Try To Do A Better Job On My Next Vehicle. 

My Next Car I Took My Time.. Still Inexperienced Remove The Door Panel Wrap Those.. Done My Headliner & Carpet Basically The Whole Car, But Since I Didnt Know How To Sew, I Sent My Seats To A Upholstery Shop.. Definitely Looked Better Than My First Car.. Everytime Somebody Ask About My Interior.. I Tell Them I Done It. So For Years People Was Telling Me That They Was Going To Have Me Do They interior..One Day I Went To Work Driving 18 Wheelers Not Knowing It Was Going To Be My Late Day Driving.. They Fired Me  And Whats Funny The Day I Got Fired.. Somebody Called Me And Ask When Can I Start They Interior On A 1984 Chevy Caprice.. I Remember Telling Them To Bring It To My House For A Quote.. They Brought It Dropped It Off.. And It Started from There. Still Not Knowing How To Sew Or Having A Machine ...I Started With Everything But The Seats.. Halfway Through The Project I Sent The Seats To A Local Upholstery Shop. Once I Put The Car Back Together, The Customer Liked it, Which Inspired Me To Buy A Machine .. Plus I Seen That The Upholstery Shop Was Taking Half Of My Profits. I Told Myself, My Next Customer, I Was Going To Purchase A Sewing Machine.. 

In No Time My Next Customer Called To Drop They Car Off.. A 1995 Chevy Caprice. With The Money I Got From The Customer I Went And Bought A Machine And Some Materials..I Was Actually Scared Of The Machine. Being Intimidated By The Sewing Machine And Running Low On Funds, I Found A Cheaper Route On Getting The Seats Sewed By Somebody That Was Going To Charge Less Than The Other Upholstery. Boy Why Did I Do That.. The Seats Looked Horrible.. I Told Myself I Could Do Better Than That. Which Inspired Me Try My Sew Machine On My Next Project ..
 Thinking God Is Good..My Next Customer Called For A Old School Corvette. ........


 Shun Jones

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